Collaboration with Industry Partners
We always strive for Excellence in everything we do. Our Knowledge and Experience ensure that the outcome of our Educational Programs and Projects in Collaboration with our Partners shows the evidence of this. Our Commitment towards each other encourage us to do even more.

Through the globalization and our Global presence we have an Opportunity to share knowledge and experience not only at Conferences and Seminars but also through our Joint Projects, Publications and Digitalization Programme. All this creates fantastic opportunities for everyone involved.

Our strength is to focus on the unique competencies and experience of each and every individual to create a Caring Culture that brings out the best in us all.

We are very much looking forward to our future collaboration with all of You!
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Increasing the awareness of Venous Needle Dislodgement
Home Haemodialysis A Nurses Guide to Implementing Best Practice in Home Haemodialysis
Joint Project between EDTNA/ERCA & NxStage
Connecting Nurses Project

Joint Project between EDTNA/ERCA & Connecting Nurses