Welcome to us at EDTNA/ERCA in Slovenia. My name is Sonja Pečolar and I am a proud Brand Ambassador. We have 10 EDTNA/ERCA Members in Slovenia whom has been Members for many years.
2011 activities included:
  • We were very proud that 40th EDTNA/ERCA conference took place in our country in Ljubljana
  • At that conference we managed to organize translation in to Slovene language  
  • Transplantation – seminar for nurses and doctors, workshops for nurses
  • Publication of a booklet for dietitian counselling
  • Gaining acknowledgement for HD education as post graduate study with certificate at national level
  • National seminar (HD, PD, nefrology)
  • Membership recruitment and retention campaign
  • National guidelines for PD (booklet)
2012 activities included
  • Publication Competency framework at national level
  • Nurse anaemia management – seminar with  guest speaker Lesley Bennett
  • National seminar (HD; PD, nefrology)
  • Presentation of National Nefrology Nurses Associaton and EDTNA/ERCA at   International Nurses Day celebration
  • Membership recruitment and retention campaign
The working group includes:
  • Gaber Liljana
  • Čalič Mirjana
  • Parapot, Marica
  • Pečolar, Sonja
  • Rep, Mirjana
  • Lipičar Benedikta
  • Hribernik Danica
  • Tratnjek Zdenka
  • Fluher Helena
  • Perko Mateja
  • Žitnik Vesna
  • Hostnik Ana
  • Dodič Denis
For more information, please contact Sonja Pečolar, Brand Ambassador Slovenia.