AGM - September 10, 2017

Don’t miss out the chance to make a difference!

Electronic Voting - Election of EDTNA/ERCA Executive Committee Members New Positions - Instructions to all our EDTNA/ERCA Members with Voting rights

This is the first year of Electronic Voting and you, who are Members with Voting rights, and have problems with the technology, please find below the instructions of how to Vote.

Step 1 – On June 20 you have received the Electronic Voting Form

Please fill in the information and submit the form.
You will get the Confirmation Message: Your response has been received. Please fill out the Voting form: 

Step 2: Click on the link to come to the Voting Form.

Step 3: Submit the form and you are ready

If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact our secretariat

We would like you, who are a member, to take this important opportunity to have a say in the Association’s decisions, activities, and policies. We strongly encourage you to attend the Annual General Meeting if you are in Krakow and to share with us your thoughts and opinions.

Even if some of you will not attend our next International Conference in Krakow, we encourage you to actively participate by submitting your Motions, applying for the Executive Committee or nominating a person to receive the highest recognition which is to become a Lifetime Member.

As every year, please review the latest revision made to our Association’s Policies and Procedure. Please find the Minutes from last year’s Annual General Meeting, Valencia, Spain in the documentation.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Secretariat.